Car Safety Harnesses

Dog car safety harnesses are must-have accessories if you plan on traveling with your dog. While no statistics are showing the exact number of dogs killed or injured in auto accidents due to the lack of dog car safety harnesses, any vet can tell you that it happens more often than you might think.

Here are the top reasons to use a dog car safety harness when traveling with your dog.

Dog car safety harnesses keeps your dog from jumping out

Even the best-behaved dog can experience a temporary burst of excitement over something they have seen outside, and occasionally a dog will jump from a moving vehicle and be killed or injured. Many dogs also have a habit of jumping out of a car as soon as the door is opened. You can prevent this by making sure your dog is always buckled into its dog car safety harness.

Dog car safety harnesses helps protect your dog from injury in an accident.

Even at only 30 mph, if you are involved in a collision, an unrestrained passenger can be thrown in the car with a force of more than 20 times their body weight. Just like your seat belt, a dog car harness keeps your furry friend stay safe and secure and prevents him from being thrown around or ejected from your vehicle in a crash.

Dog car safety harnesses protect you and your passengers from serious injury

Dog car safety harnesses protects more than just your dog. Left unrestrained, even a relatively small pooch could impact other occupants of the vehicle with more than 200 pounds of force during a collision.

Dog car safety harnesses can prevent distracting drivers

Distraction is the cause of accidents. Many unrestrained dogs will wander around the vehicle – sometimes even into the driver’s lap. That is not only distracting but dangerous because having a dog in your lap could interfere with your ability to control the steering wheel accurately.

Most countries around the world require dogs to be restrained in all moving vehicles. Contact your local department of motor vehicles or similar agency to find out what the law requires of your dog car safety harness in your area.

It helps emergency team help your dog during an accident

Even if your dog isn’t injured, she’s likely to be very frightened and confused and may try to bite rescue workers out of instinct. When your dog is protected, emergency team can focus on assisting you while your dog is safe.

Dog car safety harnesses can potentially save not only your dog’s life but also the lives of others involved in an accident. For your peace, make sure your dog is properly secured with a good dog car safety harness before your next road trip.

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