Medium Dog Harnesses

If you have a medium size dog, the change to using medium dog harnesses can be one of the best things you can do for them. With traditional collars and a leash, the dog may experience pain, cough, damaged neck muscles and poor behavior control. But with medium dog harnesses, your dog will always remain comfortable and easy to handle at all times.
Why do medium dog harnesses provide more control?
Many dog owners, especially those who train their dogs, have concluded that medium dog harnesses are much better for both the dog and the owner. That is because medium dog harnesses can give the dog more freedom and adapt to what they want to do at all times.
By having the harness on the dog’s trunk, you can feel every movement. If you want to slow down because your dog pulls, you will feel the tightness in the dog’s chest and back instead of feeling suffocated which could damage the dog’s skin. Dog harness reaction is more fun for the dog and so will be more willing to cooperate with you if it does not feel any pain.
A manual direction is much easier also. That is because your dog will feel left-clicking if you want to go to the left and press to the right if you’re going to go to the right.
What types of medium dog harnesses are there?
There are many different types of medium dog harnesses, but all correspond to the basic design: medium dog harnesses have two chest straps that go towards the tail and that are connected to the back strap by one or two straps around the trunk area.
Now, depending on what the harness is, it depends on the overall style of the dog. Working dogs tend to have more padding with additional straps, rings, or pockets so they can carry things. Other parts medium dog harnesses are designed to have a woven reflective thread in the mesh. Some mobility dog harnesses are designed for older dogs so that they can have additional support for their rear legs.
There are many designs to choose from; it revolves around getting the right fit for your dog and making sure it’s comfortable.
Know the size of your dog
When you get the medium dog harness, it is essential to measure your dog correctly.
Here is an approximation of standard measures for medium dog harnesses.
Neck: 8 inches Chest: 19 inches Back: 13 inches
When using a soft dog strap, it is essential that you get the right size. You want the dog to feel comfortable while walking in the garden. You should also make sure that medium dog harnesses are not tied up in any way that may be dangerous. Measure the dog’s chest and compare the measurement with the previous sizes to find the correct setting. It’s that simple. With your puppy growing and gaining weight, you need to adjust the harness accordingly.

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