Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint - No-Chew Heavy Duty Car Seatbelt for Pets - 5 Sizes - Coated Steel Rope to Prevent Chewing

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  • CHEW PROOF RESTRAINT – Put your dog in the back seat with a regular nylon seat belt and it can be destroyed in seconds. Not anymore. Our dog seat belt is made out of heavy duty nylon coated steel rope, the same material used in dog tie-outs.
  • LOCKING CLIP ATTACHES TO SAFETY LATCH BAR – Instead of clipping into a regular seatbelt which could be stepped on and accidentally unfastened, our seat belt attaches to one of your car’s 4 latch bars, found in the seat creases in your cars back seat. This size includes a locking link for attaching to your car’s LATCH bars.
  • ATTACH TO YOUR DOGS HARNESS – Designed for use with a vest harness for added safety for your pet. If using with collar (not recommended) please order a LONGER size due to the higher attachment point.
  • 5 SIZES FOR DIFFERENT PET SIZES – Available in 16, 21, 26, 31 or 36 Inch sizes for Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large dogs. Our 16 inch size features a lighter clips which is less heavy for smaller dogs.
  • ASSEMBLED IN THE USA WITH 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Your purchase is protected by “The Boss Promise” a 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects and product issues.

Want to restrain your dog in the car but worried they will chew through a standard webbing seat belt? Our pet seat belt car restraint is made of vinyl coated steel rope – the same material used in dog tie-outs. We designed this product to help dog owners keep their dogs restrained in a car without worrying about chewing.

Our dog restraint attaches to your cars latch bars which are standard on ALL vehicles. These bars are designed for child car seats and are welded directly to your cars frame.

PLEASE MEASURE from your dog’s normal height to the LATCH bar at a 45 degree angle before ordering to ensure the right size is ordered. 
Length of restraint represents clip to clip distance.

SIZING ESTIMATES based on distance from LATCH bar to dog car harness with clip on dog’s back.
16 Inches – Small Dogs – 0-20 lbs
21 Inches – Medium Dogs – 20-40 lbs
26 Inches – Large Dogs – 40-60 lbs
31 Inches – X-Large Dogs – 60-80 lbs
36 Inches – XX-Large Dogs – 80+ lbs

TIPS FOR MEASURING – Please take a moment to put your dog in the car with a tape measure, and measure from dog’s clip attachment point to LATCH bar in standing and sitting position. If this is not possible, measure from your pet’s clip attachment point to the floor at 45 degree angle to determine best size. Save hassle and headache of returns/exchanges by measuring first. When in doubt, please order a size up.