Pink Flower Dog Harness and Leash Set for Small Dogs XSmall Breeds Also in Black, Purple, Blue. Soft Vest Step-in Style Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Puppy, Rabbit, Bunny

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  • Please note that these cute dog harnesses are for Small Dogs only – Available in 4 Colors – Pink, Black, Blue and Purple and 4 Sizes from a teacup size to a french bulldog size.
  • Step-in Dog Harness, easy to get in and out of for your pup, fastens on the back of the dog.
  • Suitable for all toy, miniature and small breeds of dog (up to french bulldog size), all cat breeds, small puppies , small animals etc
  • These pretty dog harness set are suitable for Chihuahuas, Pomeranian, Pug, Cockapoo, Dachshund , Frenchies, All Tiny, miniature and Toy Breeds
  • This pet harness supports the main body of the dog when walking to reduce pulling on the neck
Size:Size 1 Fits Chest 10″  |  Color:Blue
Brand New Flower Dog Harness and Leash Set for Small Dogs from Lushpetz.
These are step-in style vest harnesses that go around the dogs upper chest and belly then fastens around the back of the dog (in between shoulder blades) with a strong plastic buckle.
Gorgeous doggy designs available in pink, Black Purple or Blue colors
Made from super strong polyester material that wipes clean easily, this harness will really set you apart from the rest at the dog park!
Each Harness has a gorgeous flower which has a diamante jewel in the middle, and the leash has the same. Leads measure 47″ by 0.8″ wide
More than just a sparkly harness set -this is a fashion statement!! Really set yourself aside at the dog park in this cute harness and leash set
Key features:
Easy walking
Stops Pulling
Easy to get in and out of
Super comfortable
Very fashion forward
Suitable for Chihuahuas, yorkys, Teacup Breeds, Terriers and even small bulldogs!
Suitable for the daily walk, special occasions and just in doors if you want to dress up your fabulous pet!
If you have questions please feel free to ask, i always sort out any problems if they should arise ,so please contact me!
Why be ordinary when you can be fabulous and extra ordinary! What are you waiting for!!??
Size 1 : Fits neck 10” Fits Chest 10” Fits approximately a Small Chihuahua / Teacup. Size 2 Fits neck 12” Chest 13” Fits approximately a Large Chihuahua / Yorky Size 3- Fits neck 14” Chest 16” Fits approximately a Jack Russell/ Shihtzu/ Pug Size 4 -Fits neck 19.” Chest 20” Fits approximately a French Bulldog Medium Size
Although these are strong harnesses I do not recommend them for dogs that pull excessively or training purposes.