Puppy Harnesses

So you’re getting a puppy, or have recently got a puppy, and you need the right puppy harnesses for your new puppy, and getting the right harness is vital to the health and happiness of your new friend.
Choosing the right harness is essential. The right puppy harnesses will give you good control over your dog while you are walking. This crucial for safety reasons, as you cross a busy road for example, and important so that you can enjoy your walk together with peace of mind.
When choosing a harness for your puppy there are four main areas to consider.
1. Safety and Durability. Will the harness safely secure my puppy and will the harness be strong enough to hold my puppy.
2. Style. This is a point more for you than your puppy because they aren’t likely to mind too much, but make sure you like the way your puppy would look in its new harness.
3. Comfort. Is the harness going to be comfortable for your puppy? Bear in mind breed of dog and shape of upper body and torso.
4. Cost. It’s hard to put a price on the safety of our puppies but we have to also ask ourselves, is it affordable?
The basic Back Clip Puppy Harness is probably the most favored design among dog trainers for use with their puppies. The basic design has been used to model many brands of puppy harness and is now nearly universal. This puppy harness allows you a great deal of control over your dog while ensuring that no damage is done to the puppy’s neck (which can occur using a choke or semi choke chain). This type of puppy harness straps around the puppy’s upper body, round its front legs and over its back ensuring that you have a very secure grip of your puppy but still giving it the freedom to move around easily and safely.
The Back Clip puppy harness is easy to put on and the lead rarely tangles in the legs, as can happen with other types of harnesses, especially while the young ones scamper about so playfully! Importantly as we mentioned, these puppy harnesses protect the fragile neck from any accidental sprains or injuries as your puppy pulls on the lead.
The puppy harness is also better for training purposes. The puppy harness allows you to give your puppy the freedom to make its own mistakes while you keep a watchful eye and lead attached throughout.
The main alternative to the puppy harness is a choke or semi choke chain. Many trainers do not use these due to the possible risk of injury to their puppies, although they can work well for older dogs. These are not advised for use with puppies because the puppies, being naturally boisterous, can damage their necks pulling against these forms of leads.
Generally speaking, when you’re getting a puppy you are going to want to get a puppy harness. They guarantee the safety of your puppy while giving you the control you need while you train and walk them.
But whatever puppy you have, and whatever its needs and yours, we have the right puppy harness for you.

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