Reflective Dog Harnesses

Reflective Dog Harnesses are essential when your dog is being taken for a walk of playing at night. Dogs love to play, which is a good thing because that’s what makes them fun. However, it would be tragic if your precious dog got hit by you or someone else when playing around in the dark. Dogs that are always in Reflective Dog Harnesses enable drivers or riders to spot them from afar thereby reducing any chance of an accident. This article provides you with an insight on the type of reflective dog harnesses around that are suitable for your dog.
Examples of Reflective Dog Harnesses
Here are some of the most common reflective harnesses that are readily available in the market for your dog.
· EXPAWLORER front reflective harness – this vest harness is perfect for your dog as it is durable thus long-lasting and comfortable for any dog. It is made with lightweight reflective nylon material and has a clip at the front for attaching a leash.
· Big dog reflective harness – big dog no-pull is one of the trendiest reflective harnesses. It is made with highly sturdy reflective fabric and has an attached metal ring for clipping a leash and lifting the dog.
· Chai’s choice reflective harness – this harness is light in weight, and it’s available in various colors. It has clips on the back and in front for attaching a leash.
Advantages of Using A Reflective Dog Harness
1. Increases visibility at night – due to their reflective nature, you can walk your dog at night without worrying about an accident. You can also trace the dog if it gets lost.
2. They ensure the dog’s safety – harnesses do not exert pressure on the dog’s neck as compared to collars. They cause few or no injuries as long as you do not immensely tighten them on your dog.
3. They offer comfort – most harnesses include a lining and mesh inserts thereby providing comfort to your dog.
Besides reflective dog harnesses offering protection to your dog, it also enhances your experience. Night walks can be relaxing as well as calming; therefore, your puppy gets to enjoy the cool breeze at night.

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