Tactical Dog Harnesses

Besides being efficient for walks and hikes, tactical dog harnesses improve the experience by offering additional coziness and security for your dog. Tactical Dog Harnesses are highly durable; and since most of them are reflective, that ensures visibility at night. These vest harnesses deploy highly sturdy material which provides for the addition of bags for carrying equipment.
Mostly, tactical dog harnesses are used on military and police dogs, though some sportsmen usually go for runs with their dogs on these harnesses. They have several metal clips for attachment of leashes. This article presents some of the best tactical dog harnesses and vests that are readily available on the market.
1. Darkyazi camo
This tactical dog harness is suitable for military dogs’ training. It has adjustable leashes and straps that enables it to fit in any dog perfectly. Once on the dog’s body, it conforms to its shape thereby offering maximum comfort. Clips and buckles are perfectly fit with a lining underneath to prevent injuring the dog. The material used to make the harness is sturdy and robust hence durable and capable of holding heavy gears for training.
2. Jasgood
Jasgood tactical dog harness is very hardy with perfectly made stitches. On the upper part, it has metal clips for attaching leashes and ensuring that they do not come off during training. For badge patching, the upper part has Velcro to allow for that while the sides provide for attachment of any gear essential for training.
3. Feliscanis Multicam
The other durable and strong harness is the Feliscanis Multicam tactical dog harness. It is made of very tough nylon with soft lining to enhance comfort for the dog. It has adjustable straps, therefore, rendering it suitable even for large dogs. It has four buckles for attaching leashes, thus, providing you control over your dog during training.
4. Elite spanker coyote
This harness is robust as it is made from 1000D nylon making it suitable for large dogs carrying heavy training gears. It has a breathable mesh and a soft lining to enhance the dog’s coziness. It has two buckles for attaching leashes and two handles for carrying or lifting the dog.
Acquiring a tactical harness for your dog is essential whether your train or go out for adventures with your dog. It provides comfort as well as preventing injuries to the dog. Choosing the best tactical dog harness depends on several factors such as affordability and preference.

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